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TCM Lehrfilm Lillian Pearl Bridges

The Fundamentals of Face Reading

The fundamentals of face diagnosis

219 min, english
Inhalt / abstract
DVD 1 - The fundamentals of face diagnosis
Introduction in Face reading / Signs and marks on the ear / Signs which develop in pregnancy
The influence of prenatal experiences on the behavior / Birth issues/ Trauma recognition / The topographical face map / Rivers and mountains on the face
DVD 2 - The fundamentals of face diagnosis
The Jing in the facial map, signs of Jing deficiency and of the capacity of Jing / How to deal with Jing / How to interpret the flexibility of the ear / Important signs on the forehead / The Sea of Yin and the Sea of Yang / Nutrition and the Influence on the Qi, how you recognize the right nutrition for you / Practical breathing exercise for creativity and regeneration
DVD 3 -The lines on the face
The meaning of the lines on the face / Signs of Qi blockages on the face / Signs of Liver Qi Stagnation on the face
DVD 4 - The emotinal map
The emotional map / The signs of fire Element on the face / Different emotions on the face: mania, hyperactivity, sadness, grief, bitterness, transformation, skepticism, frustration, annoyance / The pain lines and chronicle pain / The signs of neck problems on the face
DVD 5 - The five elements
The five Elements fire, earth, metal, wood and water on the face and the status of the organs
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