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Lilian Bridges Neujahrspaket

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The fundamentals of face reading statt 55€ zum Neujahrspreis

219 min, englisch
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The fundamentals of face reading

0 min, englisch
Inhalt / abstract
DVD 1 – The fundamentals of face diagnosis
Introduction in Face reading.
The 100 points of the facial map
Signs and marks on the ear
Signs which develop in pregnancy
The influence of prenatal experiences on the behavior
Birth issues
Trauma recognition
The topographical face map
Rivers and mountains on the face

DVD 2 – The fundamentals of face diagnosis
The Jing in the facial map, signs of Jing deficiency and of the capacity of Jing
How to deal with Jing
How to interpret the flexibility of the ear
Important signs on the forehead
The Sea of Yin and the Sea of Yang
Nutrition and the Influence on the Qi, how you recognize the right nutrition for you
Practical breathing exercise for creativity and regeneration

DVD 3 – The lines on the face
The meaning of the lines on the face
Signs of Qi blockages on the face
Signs of Liver Qi Stagnation on the face

DVD 4 – The emotional map
The emotional map
The signs of fire Element on the face
Different emotions on the face: mania, hyperactivity, sadness, grief, bitterness, transformation, skepticism, frustration, annoyance
The pain lines and chronicle pain
The signs of neck problems on the face

DVD 4a – The five elements
The five Elements fire, earth, metal, wood and water on the face and the status of the organs