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Martina, Roy

Eröffnungsvortrag `Vitality´

Kongress: DVNLP - Kongress 2008 (NLP08)
45 min, english
Inhalt / abstract
Dr. Roy Martina has worked for many years with athletes and World Champions to study the concept of congruency and to refine the art of winning and success.
He also has done research on more than 40.000 patients to find out how they sabotage themselves in the area of health.
By combining eastern and western principles he has found a way to quickly influence the subconscious mind by working with energy-points, guided visualisations and NLP/hypnotic techniques. He has blended his knowledge of acupuncture, NLP, hypnosis, Qi-Gong and martial arts into a new exciting approach now known as Omega Neuro Emotional Integration or ΩNEI. Omega is the last letter of the alphabet and symbolizes the integration of ancient and modern knowledge.
Together with Dr. Jens Thomas he has written a book, called Vitality that is an introduction to these principles.
In Vitality, Roy Martina and Jens Thomas explain how to create health and vitality for the long term. By applying the simple but yet powerful concepts offered in this book, you will learn how to tap into inexhaustible energy sources and your mind. And very quickly you will experience how you too, can be bursting with energy in a hectic world.
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Congruent Vitality - Bursting with energy in a hectic world

Kongress: DVNLP - Kongress 2008 (NLP08)
60 min, english
Inhalt / abstract
As a NLP Practitioner and Coach you are a role model and for that reason congruency is everything. Congruency as a coach is best summarized as Vitality and consistent Happiness. Anything less is not good enough and means that you are not congruent with your role as a coach.
Congruency is the alignment of the subconscious mind with the conscious mind on all levels. This means creating the Success Identity that will govern your life and actions.
There are two kinds of Identity:
1. Conscious Identity: who we believe we are.
2. Subconscious Identity: the principles that govern our actions and reactions.
When these two are not aligned, we have an internal Identity conflict that can result in sabotage, disease and unhappiness.
In this concept self-development is the pursuit of congruency and the result is intrinsic happiness and success in one’s endeavours.
Success is defined as the consistent application of the Law of Attraction which results in a miraculous synchronicity that others will call luck, but is defined as the effortless creation of one’s goals. Success in a congruent Identity always results in vitality, happiness, equanimity and the never ending improvement of oneself. This is defined by some as a spiritual path, but is the consequence of understanding the true meaning of congruency and being transparent and blatantly honest with oneself.
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