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Farrokh, Najafi

Replacing of Bio photons Light by Appropriate Laser Light Source

Kongress: Internationaler Jahreskongress für Biologische Lasertherapie und Akupunktur, 2009
30 min
Inhalt / abstract
Electromagnetic interaction is the main physical in biology .therefore; we must expect influence of photons of proper wavelengths on biological systems.
By using cytometric, photometric and radiochemical methods it is shown that the increase or decrease of cells growth depended on the applied wavelengths.
It is one of the most surprising facts and fundamental root for the understanding of low level laser therapy that dynamic of open nonlinear dissipative systems can be triggered by photons of proper wavelengths.
Human phagocyting cells are emitting light which can be detected by single photon counting methods. Singlet Oxygen molecules are the main sources of this light emitted 480, 570, 633, 760, 1060 nm wavelengths. On the other hand, human cells can be stimulated by low power laser light of just these wavelengths.
Light of phagocytes may be replaced by appropriate light sources light of activated oxygen, light of ionized oxygen, thus triggering immune regulation.
This thesis allows comparing laser acupuncture with needle acupuncture because a prick must lead to an attack of phagocytes thus producing biophotons in the region of acupuncture and when we use a proper coherent laser light fundamentally we are replacing of these energetic quantums by lack energetic quantums of human’s chemical reactions.
If we chose the best energetic quantums by low level lasers we can claim we are very near to our better influence therapy

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