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Dechar, Lorie, Eve

Modern Alchemy for an Integral Age

Kongress: Scandinavian TCM Congress - 2.
210 min, english
Inhalt / abstract
In this lecture, I will speak about the theoretical, practical as well as magical aspects of alchemy – focusing on the Taoist tradition but touching also on Vedic and European versions where there are overlaps. I am convinced that alchemical principles and attitudes form the basis of much of TCM and that understanding the alchemical world view allows us to be better practitioners and to make optimal use of the tools of Chinese Medicine. However, for me, an even more crucial opportunity shows up when we take alchemy beyond the treatment of individual symptoms and begin to use alchemical principles and practices to heal the rift between the body, mind and soul in modern Western culture. Infusing modern consciousness with the energies of this ancient tradition supports the emergence of a new, more integrated way of being where spirit and matter are once again joined as partners in the dance of life. This talk will be theoretical, practical and experiential. As in all alchemical experiences, there will be an external and internal component so come prepared to discover something new about your self, your work and your world.
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