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Reid, John Stuart

Sound: the primordial force that may become the medicine of the future

Kongress: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Energie- und Informations-Medizin: Kongress Energetisiertes und Informiertes Wasser 2019
90 min, english
Inhalt / abstract
While therapeutic applications for ultrasound (high frequency sound) are increasing each year in clinical settings, the mainstream medical world has not yet embraced therapeutic audible sound, perhaps because few scientific studies have focused on the biological mechanisms that underpin its efficacy. John believes that audible sound has an important future in mainstream medicine, which will be supported by scientific research into the biological mechanisms that trigger the body's healing response to sound, including the mechanisms by which sound mediates pain.

In his presentation he will discuss his research in this emergent field of biology, including the role of the CymaScope instrument, which he invented and is currently being used as the primary instrument in a study that differentiates between the sounds emitted by cancer cells and healthy cells. John Stuart Reid predicts a bright future, one in which audible sound therapy and diagnostics will become important tools in clinical settings.
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