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Hsu, Elisabeth

TCM Wissenschaftstag, englisch

Kongress: TCM Kongress 2009 - 40.Internationaler
360 min
Inhalt / abstract
The future of traditional Chinese medicine both in the western
world and in China depends, for socio-cultural and political rea-
sons, increasingly on a scientific evaluation of the techniques used
to treat patients. Despite a plethora of studies, many practitioners
and potential researchers remained puzzled and confused by the
unclear results that the studies have sometimes generated.
Because of the ever-increasing interest and demand over the
past years, for the first time in the congress’ history, the tcm
and Science Session will take place over an entire day. Subtitled
“ Authentic practice and the developing evidence mosaic” the day
will be an ongoing dialogue among the invited speakers and with
active audience participation and input.
Designed and moderated by the British researcher and teacher
Hugh MacPherson and the Mexican physician Velia Wortman, this
day will be a unique opportunity not only to hear about the latest
developments in tcm research from an anthropological, historical,
clinical and basic research points of view, but also to engage in
conversation with leading exponents from Germany and across
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