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Carolusson, Susanna,

Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Certified University supervisor and teacher, hypnotherapist,
body psychotherapist. Experience: paediatrics, psychiatry, organisational psychol., private
practice since 1988. Educational director Swed. Soc. for Clin. Hypn. Published 2 books, coauthored 4 books and written 20 articles on hypnosis and psychotherapy. Honorary member
and past president of SSCH. A frequent teacher at International congresses.

Burnout syndrome and Hypnosis

Kongress: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hypnose und Hypnotherapie - Jahreskongress 2012
360 min, english
Inhalt / abstract
Objective of this workshop: To understand how patients with Burnout syndrome need to recover in a unique individualised relational
therapy and that they need a slower pace than health authorities are
implementing through contemporary national guidelines for
(statistical) evidence based therapy. Guidelines for an existential
analytical approach. Two case presentations will illustrate how to find
patients‘ inner resources, explore the history of their achieving personality and how to utilize
resistance as information. Hypnosis, Hypnoanalysis and Ego State Imagery as a tool for finding
the patients‘ pace, needs and unique ways for recovery.
Content: Lectures, demonstration, practical exercise and discussion.
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Traumatized by a brain injury – Examples of hypnotic communication

Kongress: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hypnose und Hypnotherapie - Jahreskongress 2012
45 min, english
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