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Chandak, Kavita

Dentistry I - FF01

Kongress: 72nd LMHI Homeopathic World Congress Leipzig 2017 (DZH17)
50 min, englisch
Inhalt / abstract
Signatur in the cavum oris – Symptoms leading to an integral medicine: clinical situation in context to well-known remedies (Roland Schule, FF01/01)
The buccal cavity (cavum oris) mirrors the healthiness of a person. For integral comprehension in the sense of personality, physical and mental style this aria is a guide, in a figurative sense a “central organ”, regarding the selfhood of our patients.
Chronic diseases in a homeopathic sense are responsible for clinical structures as gums, peridontium, surface of the tongue, quality of tooth, mixture of saliva etc. – and gives us a link to miasmatic relationships. Every change within this cavity will create a holistic effect, which will be shown in physical and mental health.
The inspection of the buccal cavity whith sparse equipment presents an incredible view regarding chronic diseases, which the patient may be incorporating. Even, if you are not a dentist, this information is easy to ascertain and very significant for your treatment.
In this presentation the classical miasms by Samuel Hahnemann (Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis) will be discussed, including a short outlook on the tuberculosis and carcinogenic miasm.

Amazing role of natrum muriaticum in dental disorders (Kavita Chandak, FF01/02)
Toothache, gum boil, oral sepsis, ulcers, stomatitis and dental decay can be treated successfully by homeopathic remedies, internally as well as with external applications.
E.g. for neuralgic conditions: chamomilla, magnesium phosphoricum, coffea, plantago.
For inflammatory conditions: mercurius solubilis, nitric acid, ferrum phosphoricum, belladonna.
For decayed teeth: staphysagria, kreosote, thuja, mezereum.
For gum boils: silicea, mercurius vivus, calendula, sulfur, hekla lava.
Nowadays, why do many tooth paste manufacturing companies include salt as an important component of tooth paste?
Our homeopathy is already blessed with the amazing remedy natrum muriaticum. It is specific for trigeminal neuralgia with great salivation and lachrymation; fistula of gums with mapped tongue. Teeth very sensitive to air and touch.
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Dialogue: Urology / Urologie - DF04

Kongress: 72nd LMHI Homeopathic World Congress Leipzig 2017 (DZH17)
90 min, englisch/deutsch
Inhalt / abstract
Diagnosis, treatment and prophylaxis of urinary tract infections – the urologist’s perspective (Pannek, DF04/01)

Homöopathische Therapie und Prophylaxe von Harnwegsinfekten (Bündner, DF04/02)

The efficacy of nosodes in cases of cystitis justifying the therapeutic law of nature (Chandak, DF04/03)
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