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Chammah, Ina

Autoimmun Diseases - CM04

Kongress: 72nd LMHI Homeopathic World Congress Leipzig 2017 (DZH17)
70 min, englisch
Inhalt / abstract
Enteroviruses as the cause of a variety of chronic diseases (Johannes Fuchs, CM04/01)
This presentation deals with the effects of epidemic enteroviruses which could be identified as the cause of various chronic diseases, specifically autoimmune diseases.
Cases were collected and analysed over a period of more than 4 years and time patterns were documented. The treatment of the viral epidemic 2011/2012 itself is described, including the finding of the homeopathic remedy and the rapid healing, even of multi-morbid patients during the acute phase. The paper deals with the observation that, with a latency period of several months, various diseases caused by the same virus occurred, specifically autoimmune diseases. Here may be mentioned: myocarditis with consecutive dilated cardiomyopathy, allopecia areata sive totalis, type I diabetes and polyarthritis, clinically apparent from 04/2012 to 06/2012. Non-autoimmune diseases from the same period are also part of the discussion.
In the course of the case studies it could be documented that, up to 4 years later, one single dose of the original homeopathic remedy, suitable during the enterovirus epidemic, could initiate or achieve a cure of the chronic disease. (This does not apply for the insulin dependent type I diabetes).
The result of the case studies proves that there must be a causal relationship. The presentation is intentionally limited to the aforementioned virus epidemic. However, this represents the beginning of more than 4 years of research following the admonition of Hahnemann, noted in §100 of the Organon. The overall results are applicable to discuss the homeopathic treatment methodology and can be considered as element of basic medical research.

The systemic disease: autoimmune thyroiditis – interdisciplinary collaboration: Homeopathy – micro-immunotherapy – orthomolecular therapy (Ina Chammah, CM04/02)
Background Autoimmune thyroiditis is part of a multifactorial, chronic inflammatory systemic disorder that is reaching epidemic proportions in recent years and in its course often leads to a very serious state of chronic disease. Clinically, especially dysfunctions, such as fatigue, susceptibility to infections, digestive disorders, weight problems and depressive mood are in the foreground.
In traditional medicine, there is neither a concept for pathophysiology, nor for the causal treatment of autoimmunity.
Homeopathy may, in the opinion of the speaker, Ina Chammah, often calm down the symptoms of autoimmune thyroiditis, but unfortunately has little influence on the dynamics of the underlying systemic chronic inflammation. It often happens that the patients, in spite of consistently applied homeopathic therapy, end in a thyroid hypothyroidism due to a “burned-out” thyroid and additionally develop further autoimmune chronic inflammatory processes in other organs in its course.
The authors have developed interdisciplinary therapeutic concepts to slow down the dynamics of this systemic autoimmune disease significantly, and thus avoid manifest hypothyroidism, while the patient is in good and healthy condition.
The therapeutic concept consists of the following disciplines: Homeopathy in the sense of a “constitutional remedy” in addition to acute remedies, if necessary.
Immunological diagnosis (lymphocyte typing) for elaborating the causes of autoimmunity and the application of potentiated immune messengers to influence and modulate the immune system to restore autotolerance. Specific orthomolecular nutritional therapy in therapeutic doses to treat mitochondrial dysfunction of the cells after concrete functional lab-diagnostic.

Equalization thyroid gland – outcome assessment (W. Brunelli, CM04/03)
The homeopathic clinic of the Municipal Public Servant Hospital of São Paulo (HSPM – Brazil) has among patient records some cases of thyroid gland diseases (hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism), which were treated whith the systemic homeopathic method of Carillo. This study evaluates patients with diseases of thyroid gland, analyzing improvements using a Iodium-like equalizer, adjacent to the systemic medication.
The reviewed 21 cases using Iodium equalizer for the disease, adjacent to the systemic medication, in the homeopathic clinic of the HSPM, from 2000 to 2013.
In four cases, it was possible to reduce the dose of allopathic medicine and finally terminate it due to normalization of the thyroid gland function. There was one case of hyperthyroidism and it was possible to terminate the use of methimazole. There were four cases, in which the function of the thyroid gland was normalized without the associated use of hormone. In three cases it was possible to reduce the dose of hormone. There were nine cases, in which it was not possible to reduce the dose of the hormone.
In cases where there was an improvement applying homeopathic treatment, TSH and free T4 returned to the normal reference value. In cases that were not effective, TSH and free T4 had not normalized. Therefore, the effectiveness of Iodium depends on the ability and stability of the gland thyroid to increase or decrease hormone production, in addition to the treatment of a chronic disease, that affects the thyroid gland.
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