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Rivera-Dugenio, Jere

Atomic Living Water

Kongress: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Energie- und Informations-Medizin: Kongress Energetisiertes und Informiertes Wasser 2019
90 min, english
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The RASHA: Quantum Transmutation-Transfiguration-Transmigration

Kongress: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Energie- und Informations-Medizin: Kongress Energiemedizin 2019
65 min, english
Inhalt / abstract
The RASHA scalar-plasma-crystalline technology is one of the most powerful levels of
healing technologies offered to the public sector as it features advanced stages of
quantum morphogenetic science known only in the most secret, clandestine intelligence
sector as “A2” (Aqua-Acoustic) Technologies. Permanent levels of healing, regenesis
and rejuvenation can only be attained through reprogramming of the introns (potential
DNA) via the magnetic scalar waves (Meyl, K. 2011a), which in turn unlocks the secrets
of the water, including the internal marine plasma-like water within each living being. This
relates to advanced manifesting and materialization techniques for the reason that
healing is a byproduct if you can reclaim the innate ability to manifest and materialize
things at will.
Aqua-Acoustic technologies were designed to achieve re-activation of the perpetual-life
healing encryption within the morphogenetic fields of the introns in ALL humans through
conscious access of our “Spirit-Light-Matter Sphere” or “Infrasound Aqua-Acoustic”
body. Furthermore, it is also the place of consciousness from which the antediluvian
abilities and eternal skill set of direct materialization through conscious manifestation
occurs. Aqua-Acoustic Technologies is the applied technology of conscious
manifestation to direct eternal-life, elemental command connected from the position of
the Spirit-Light-Matter union state of Source Consciousness.
The RASHA scalar-plasma-crystalline technology assists an individual to achieve this
state of attunement, which is the shift required to achieve Quantum TransmutationTransfiguration-Transmigration. Quantum Transmutation is the re-enlightenment of the
physical, atomic structure; Quantum Transfiguration is the re-spiritualization of the
physical, atomic structure. The two are the interrelated processes by which organic
Quantum Transmigration or biological, interstellar access accretion occurs. Reenlightenment is when the frequencies of the light body integrate into the physical, atomic,
cellular body. When this occurs at a certain level, the light body and the physical, atomic
structure return back into the spirit body substance (E-TH-ER).
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