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Li, Dr. Jie

Stress, Apoptosis and Alzheimer Diseases

Kongress: TCM Kongress 2006 - 37. Internationaler
210 min, english
Inhalt / abstract
AD has become a big threaten for all of human being, about 1 of 10 people over 65 years old and 5 of 10 over 85 years old have suffered AD. Western medical scientists do not know the causes and there is no cure.
What is the answer of TCM to AD? Are there theory in etiology and pathological mechanisms in TCM on AD? Is stress related to development of AD? Does TCM could contribute the prevention and treatments to AD?
In this lecture, the speaker would like bring you into classics of TCM, from Yi Jing, Nei Jing and Shang Han Lun to explore the brightness of TCM on this disease. It will be shown that long time over stress, modern life styles, rapid developments of economy and technology are the possible causes for AD in a classical TCM view. The pathological mechanisms related to stress on AD, the treatments of acupuncture, Chinese herbs for AD, the importance of stress management and life style management to prevent against AD in TCM way will be discussed.

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